Antony Mauro’s road to fitness after a health scare

Before entering Anthony Moro’s gym at his home in Nairobi, we were given pineapples and apples.

This is the new normal for the 40-year-old businessman and his wife. He used to eat small amounts of vegetables unless his doctor told him to.

It’s been six months since we started our journey towards healthy eating. Giving up junk food isn’t easy, but the benefits of the progress we’ve made so far are huge. ” said Roti.

It all started in January this year when the father of three and his wife came for extensive treatment.

“The doctor told me that my body mass index (BMI) and high blood pressure are a bit high, so he advised us to exercise,” he said.

His wife was different. He suffered from hypokyphosis, a condition characterized by a bowed neck and forehead.


“Before I joined our company, my wife was a worker. Her work involved sitting for hours, which affected her posture. She had some back problems, some of her posture was strange and she was in severe pain. “, Mboro said.
Against the doctor’s advice, the couple decided to join a gym despite living in the attic.

“We opened our home gym in 2016. I was already in poor health and on a trip to China, I realized that fitness equipment was cheaper there, so I developed this device. In a year with a lot of There’s more work, I also bought a grinder and a. ribbon and a bench. . . It’s about $400,000. I’m sure they’ll spend more here,” he told BDLife.

The reason Roti and his wife left the home gym was simple.

“We thought it would be easy to work alone at home, but it turned out to be a nightmare. In the eight years since we got the equipment, we tried to train on our own, but we had no discipline. There was no pressure. After seeing the doctor, we decided to go to another gym to get some rest,” he said.

This move was short-lived as the Mburu realized they had no use.

“There were always one or two coaches who had a lot of people. So we weren’t interested. We went back and forth for a while until a friend introduced me to our current personal trainer, “Yeh Maria” Dinos. Done and we’re back in the groove,” he said.

home gym

With Maria, the couple returned to their home gym, which now extends to a beautiful patio.

In February, his weight was 98 kg. “Well, I weigh 87. My wife’s doctor recommended a physical therapist for her back, but Maria offered her strength training and now her back is straight and pain-free,” he says. .

When Mburu talks about his fitness journey, there are two things he will never forget: how he talks about his gym and how often he talks about eating lots of vegetables.

To trainer

Many people underestimate the benefits of a personal trainer. However, they help you set realistic fitness goals, support fitness plans, and recommend exercises to help you reach your goals.

You can do many exercises in a limited time and train according to your schedule.

Before we found Maria, we couldn’t do many things like walk long distances, run, do resistance exercises and sleep through the night. We have a really hard time sleeping at night. These activities seem simple and basic. But we found it difficult to implement them.

One of the changes Mary has made in her new path as a couple is to change her diet.

“We can eat anything. While our family has high blood pressure, it was also a lifestyle issue. You know, if you eat junk food, junk food, processed food, you’re not exercising.” When Maria got off the plane. He asked that earlier we had to change our diet, now we eat only twice a day, we eat at 10 or 11 am. The rest of us eat vegetables, lots of vegetables and water before bed,” he said.

Brad says his unusual breakfast idea allows him to sleep for 16 hours.

The food situation in Mburus got so bad that they had to buy a food truck.

“We need to make sure that we get the right portions of a variety of food. Earlier when we were not full and vegetables were scarce, we could eat anything. Now we are used to portions and gram. Done.” I.” Weight “I wanted to eat like protein, but vegetables, he advised us to eat more,” she said.

Burrow’s to breakfast

Borrow’s breakfast used to be bacon, sausage, stew or bread or two chapattis and a bowl of sugar, but now he has two beans, two eggs and vegetables.

“I stopped the tea and replaced it with lots of water. My wife is still very sweet. At first she only drank one bottle, now she drinks two cups without sugar.” (in German)

Bread is made four days a week from Friday to Thursday.

“On Mondays we do a lot of cardio, we climb this hill (150 laps), 12 pounds,” he said.

The rest of the day consists of some strength training, but the running is the same.

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